Who left the lights on at Three Rivers Market ?!

Here’s your Three Rivers Market as it was at 5:30pm on Thanksgiving Day 11/24/11 in Knoxville, TN. The store was closed for the day/night due to the holiday.

What do you see? Seems everything was left powered on. What do you think? Why don’t they turn off their registers and a couple few lights?

Granted they want to deter crime. At least, why not turn off the lights in the refrigerators/freezers/displays, the registers, and the spot lights. Just leave on the fluorescent tubes and the exterior lighting.

Let’s see if they want to improve.  I’ll be back on Christmas Day and New Year’s!

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One Response to Who left the lights on at Three Rivers Market ?!

  1. Thanks for pointing this out. All of our lights in our new store are on timers or motion sensors to reduce energy use. On Thanksgiving Day we closed early so our employees could enjoy the holiday and the lights should have shut off by mid-day. We clearly need to adjust our system for the few days that we’re not open each year. We will be doing inventory on New Year’s Day so you can expect to see the lights on then, but we’ll see if we can improve our timers by Christmas day. We appreciate the input and invite you (and other members of our community) to contact us directly with future suggestions or observations.

    Katie Ries
    Outreach and Marketing Director

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